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Freelance jobs

Currently available freelance opportunities

None at the moment. Sorry.

Possible future freelance jobs

Sometimes there is a project, job or task available in the following areas:

English tutoring - Chinese or foreigner tutors who live in Hong Kong

Translation: from English to Chinese in writing

Business development: creating, selecting and implementing new business ideas, especially in education and internet marketing. You can make your own proposal about ideas you would like to work together with me.

I am interested in long term co-operation so if your work well and at a competitive price, this can be a good opportunity for you. It is not an employment - you work as a freelancer. You don't work in my office. You can choose when and where you work.

First, I will give you one or more tests to see whether you can do the job well or not. If you are very good, you can get more and more paid tasks. Depending on the available projects and your time, your activity can grow into a part time or full time job, especially if you come up with new ideas and we find recurring tasks for you. If your suggestions for new tasks and projects seem profitable, you can create more work and money for yourself.

Minimum general requirements for some freelance jobs

Your performance, capabilities and attitude matter; your qualification and work experience don't.


You can send me an e-mail to: addressed to Mr Zoltan Gregor. I will contact you only if I have an offer for you. Please don't call me.

University students, fresh graduates, elderly people and physically disabled people are also welcome if they can work effectively. Candidates from outside Hong Kong can apply, too.