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Interview skills course for a job, a promotion or a school admission: 1-to-1 training with a foreigner in English

Learn how to package your skills and experiences to appear to be a great candidate via mock interviews, feedback and practice

If you are preparing for a job interview, new employment or promotion, planning a career change or you are facing a school admissions interview in HK or abroad, this course will help you to improve your interview skills and chances.

The key to succeed in an interview is that you understand the interviewers, what they want and then communicate with them in a way that they perceive you as someone they want and is a good match.

Thus, just answering the interviewers" questions will guarantee that you will not get the job, promotion or admission. That is too passive. You need to package your work experience, education, skills and personality traits to the specific requirements of the recruiters of that organisation.

Besides working on your image to influence their perception of you, we are going to focus on improving your real skills and mind sets, too. For example, your leadership, managerial, presentation, strategic thinking and communication skills.

Whether you face one interviewer or a panel of interviewers, you need to behave in a relaxed, energetic, enthusiastic, confident way.


A typical mindset when people go to an interview or when they come to my interview preparation course is that their main goal is to become more confident in the interview. This is not a job winning mindset.

It focuses inwards to the self instead of the interaction with others. It also emotion oriented and not action and result oriented. It implies that the candidate thinks that they are not good enough so why should the interviewer think differently.

The solution is not working and concentration on improving the confidence issue but accepting ourselves as we are and working on our skills, techniques and mindsets and in the interview engaging with other people. So forget yourself and focus outwards and your self-confidence problem will disappear.

10+ Interview skills and topics

The interview course is subdivided into modules or sub-topics and each focuses on a mind set, a skill set or a technique that are necessary to perform well. You are going to learn and practise the ones that are suitable for your specific situation and result in the fastest improvement. In the case of a job interview here are some of the skills we are going to develop:

  • Understanding the job description and requirements,
  • Learning about the organisation, company or school including its culture, history, etc.,
  • Identifying 3-10 'selling points' that give reasons for the interviewers to hire you and on which you need to focus on the interview (and in your CV),
  • Formulating the best interview strategy,
  • Writing cover letter, resume / CV,
  • Finding examples, evidence, theories, procedures for each relevant interview topic and practising to talk about them,
  • Professional presentation skills,
  • Negotiation (salary, bonus, annual leave, job duties, working hours etc.),
  • Leadership,
  • Office politics,
  • Empathy and compassion,
  • Self-control, dealing with anxiety and stress during the interview,
  • Managing and using our body to influence the interviewers,
  • Improving your English,
  • Talking about non-work related subjects,
  • Strategically answering for decision making and problem solving questions using relevant theories,
  • Etc.,

Features of the job interview course

get your dream job

You will practise in the lessons until you can present yourself in a confident way, communicate effectively, invoke trust and create an effective professional image.

Besides the English interview practising opportunity and receiving performance evaluation and feedback, you will learn various interview strategies and thinking methods that will improve your presentation.

You will learn how to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. This will improve your presentation throughout the whole interview. You will speak and hold your body more confidently.

Beat your competitors

syndicate discussion

Preparing well for a job interview is private lesson is a profitable long term investment in your career. It gives you decisive advantage against unprepared candidates whether you are seeking employment or promotion at your company. You may find a job faster and with more salary if you present yourself in a professional way during the job interview.

In our one-to-one job interview workshop I will teach you how to generate more interview opportunities, how to prepare for the interview and how to think and behave when you are there and how to follow up.

You will learn the right mindset when you approach an interview question or task. You are going to learn what to pay attention to and how to think about, what is behind an interview exercise or question - what the interviewers really want and why. You will be trained to be goal oriented, always see the big picture and use successful interview strategies.

Please bring your resume / CV, an application letter (cover letter) and one or more job advertisements for the positions that are similar to the one you want.

Did you know that the word resume is used in American English while CV or Curriculum Vitae in British English?)

One-on-one interview training course participant