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Career path changing course

Trapped in a bad job

If you feel trapped in your present job or career but you don't know what else you could do or you are afraid of the uncertainty and the financial risk of moving on, this career change course is for you.

We are going to start with the big picture: the most important values and goals in your life and see what are your most important priorities related to your career. Are they mainly about money, free time, job satisfaction, job security, learning, gaining experience, independence, travel, creativity, variety, self-actualisation?

You may also want to make a strategic decision about the form of your career for the long-term. Do you want to be an employee or self-employed or do you want to build your own business one day.

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Finding your path

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If you are not satisfied with your current job and you would like to try something very different but you cannot, it's highly probably that the main reasons are that you have no clear idea what you really want, you are afraid of the financial and other consequences of your decision, or you don't have enough money or the necessary skills to start.

Even if you know what you want, you may just stay in the same job for years because you don't want to lose income, invest a lot of money into a business or into your education.

Overcoming all of these reasons requires a strategic and systematic approach to start and complete a career change. It may take months and even years to execute a smooth transition without damaging other aspect of your life like your relationships, financial situation and health.

Preparing for the career shift

The most important component of the successful career transition is your mindset, which includes beliefs, values, priorities, perspectives and your attitudes.

Next is the relevant skill set. Depending on your specific situation, interest and level, you are going to learn and develop certain skills in our lessons such as leadership, communication, marketing, creativity, management, hiring, firing and training people, English, interview skills etc.