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Strategic change management training course in Hong Kong

Learn practical future-proof skills and mindsets

Course objective: To help you survive and prosper in this fast changing business, social and technological environment as you, your team and organisation need to strategically prepare for constant changes and develop mindsets, skills and processes that help you see, create and utilise opportunities.

This course is provided face-to-face in English: one-to-one and for small teams. The training format combines teaching and coaching. We focus on topics that are useful for your specific situation and needs.

Depending on your interest, you can learn about how to manage changes in your own habits and productivity, how to coach, teach and facilitate one individual to go through changes, and how to lead your team, company or organisation to adapt for current and future changes and how to proactively innovate in your organisation.

Just to decide to change an old habit, start a new habit or give up an addiction won't work most of the time. In the video I explain why and why it is better to use system thinking approach.

A habit is triggered as an emergence of many interacting factors and if you work on these factors and their foundations, you slowly can build a new system with new actions triggered. Old habits will not disappears but will be suppressed by new ones.

If you focus from time to time to proactively work, build, maintain and activate the components of the new habits, you have a chance to change. It is difficult for a long time but as the new habit kicks in, it will be easier to maintain - but you still need focus and energy to keep the new habit working and deactivate the old ones.

I am talking about maintaining the physiological, emotional and mental states that favor the new habit and building, creating, selecting the social and physical environment.

Who can benefit from change management training?

Everybody is or will be forced to change sooner or later. Organisations need to adapt to their changing environments and it requires you to do new tasks, projects, change your working habits, acquire new skills even if you just a low level employee.

However, if you are a team leader, junior or senior manager, leader of a local or international organisation or a business owner, you need to learn not only to change yourself but also others, as well as your department or organisations.

This requires skills to see and create new opportunities, inspire people to contribute, communicate your ideas effectively, influence people, deal with your own and others' emotions and stress, develop your creativity to be able to innovate, master new mental models quickly to understand complex systems, think strategically, prepare for the digital age where using artifical intelligence might be a competitive advantage.

To keep up all of these you have to be able to learn very quickly and teach, couch, mentor others and facilitate their personal development. You need to learn new leadership theories and practise how to attract, select and keep great employees and leaders.

This course consists of several modules. You can read more about some of them on our communication and relationship web site.

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