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Chartered Engineer (CEng)Professional Review Interview (PRI) and Registered Professional Engineer (R.P.E.) interview preparation

1-1 workshop in English in Hong Kong

If you want to be a Chartered Engineer or Registered Professional Engineer (R.P.E., rpe) and now you are a candidate for the Professional Review Interview, this course helps you prepare the non-technical aspects of the competence and commitment assessment.

This interview preparation is also for you if you are interested in joining The Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) and membership interview is required whether your targeted class of membership is associate member, member or fellow (when you choose the industry professional route).

The same goes to The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) membership, as well as plant engineering, road transport or engineer surveying professional.

Professional Review Interview

I am an English and job interview trainer. I am not an engineer and I cannot help you in the technical parts of your preparation. You need to prepare the documentary evidence for your professional review by yourself.

I can help you improve your English and presentation skills. We can practice for the expected questions for your Professional Review Interview.

As a candidate you need to demonstrate that you are professionally competent not only through education, training and professional practice but also through your presentation skills.

Here are some topics you need to talk about intelligently and demonstrate that you are competent to:
Use your engineering knowledge to optimize the application of technology.
Apply theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solution of engineering problems.
Provide technical and commercial leadership.
Bring about improvement through quality management.
Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills.
Undertake engineering activities in a way that contributes to sustainable development.

Chartered Engineer