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Assessment centre interview preparation course in Hong Kong

Develop and demonstrate the required qualities and even more

This course helps you perform better in your assessment centre interview in your group / panel, partner / peer situations and in individual presentation. We focus on structured thinking, persuasive and effective English communication and leadership skills development that will be obvious for the observers in your assessment.

The training targets your personal development at mind set level, skills level and techniques or action levels.

Your leadership capabilities should be cultivated in the realms of the intellect, emotion, relationship and actions.

This course is in English. The lessons are in private, one-to-one format but you can bring your friends, too.

Assessment centre interview preparation course

Demonstrating leadership in your action, thinking and communication

We are going to learn about concepts that leaders should not only understand but act and think accordingly. Some of the main topics we may cover: system thinking, multiple perspective approaches, strategic thinking, probabilistic and statistical thinking, group dynamics, leadership theories, frameworks, personality types, marketing thinking, decision making, problem solving, planning, hiring, firing and training, relationship development, creativity, interpersonal skills and teamwork, critical and analytical thinking, organisation and time management (there is no time management if you really think of it), etc.

While followers focus on a narrow topic and argue pro and cons about it, leaders focus on setting and achieving goals, developing the team at individual and group level, ensuring that the group defines and follows clear processes and procedures to achieve objectives.

You are going to learn how to keep this bigger picture perspectives in your mind even when you are engaged in the details. So as a team leader you must master the strategic, conceptual level while be good enough at the necessary skills and techniques.


The preparation for your assessment interview includes a lot of modules, topics that you can read more about on this web site and on our Communication and Leadership web site.

Other topics and modules include group discussion, presentation, leadership, business acumen and mind set, creativity, marketing and customer related approaches, influence and motivation, relationship management, communication theories, story telling skills, relationship, emotional and stress management, habit change etc.

This assessment preparation course is comprehensive and can be tailor-made to your needs and level.