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Cadet Pilot Programme interview training in Hong Kong

Prepare for the interview with a foreigner in English

This is a one-to-one interview preparation course for the Cadet Pilot Programs - CPP - for different airlines in Hong Kong like Cathay Pacific or for GFS, Government Flying Service.

If you are passionate about an airline career as a pilot, co-pilot or the captain of an air plane at Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon (previously Dragonair), Jetstar Asia, Hong Kong Express Airways or any other airlines, don't let your inadequate interview, presentation or English communication skills prevent you from getting your dream job.

We are going to prepare for the personal interview part: Designing and practising your self-introduction, preparing for possible questions related to the airline industry. For example, talking about your flight and airline experiences, your favourite aircraft, what you know about the company and industry.

I have nothing to do with the airline industry so we just practise general interview skills with some focus on the specifics but without any deep technical details. So if they ask about flight planning, fuel calculation you can practise your answer but I can give you just general feedback about your presentation.

If you really want to be a pilot, make your interview skills up-to-date and competitive. Please check out our price, timetable, location, contact information and call our school to book your first lesson.

cadet pilot programme interview training