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Police Inspector interview preparation course in Hong Kong in English

One to one practice for extended interview at the Hong Kong Police Force

Whether you are a policeman now and want a promotion or you are currently working in another field but would like to change your career and become a Police Inspector, PI, you need to increase your competitiveness for each part of the interview, including the extended interview if you want a chance in this strong competition.

Depending on your specific needs, the available time and your skill level, we are going to practice the impromptu talk and discuss current topics related to the public life in HK, practise self-introduction, discuss leadership and management principals and other interview elements for the extended interview and other steps on the Police Inspector recruitment process.

As a Police Inspector your job will include supervisory and operational duties and so your leadership, decision making, presentation skills will be judged at the interview. You need to be able to demonstrate both practical and abstract thinking which is difficult for most candidates and needs longer time to develop.

Don't wait with the preparation until you get shortlisted and be invited to attend the recruitment examination and interview. Plan ahead to keep time to develop your communication skills, English language proficiency, cognitive ability and presentation skills.

Police Force, Inspector interview workshop

Extended Interview

training for police inspector promotion

The extended interview at the Police Force may have different exercises:

1, PI impromptu talk

2, group discussion

3, management exercise

4, leadership exercise

We do not do management and leadership exercises but we can go deeply in these topics and learn about leadership, strategic thinking, system thinking and so on.

Final Interview Board

On this section of your interview process you will meet a Senior Superintendent of Police and two Superintendents of Police. They will ask questions to personally judge your leadership potential, motivation, values and personality, communication, judgement, general knowledge and management potential.

In the interview course we can practice for a self introduction and handling expected and unexpected questions and challenges.