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Flight attendant interview preparation course in Hong Kong

Practise and improve your interview skills with a foreigner in English 1-to-1

Before you even apply for an airline career at Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon (previously as Dragonair), Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express Airways or any other airlines, be sure that your interview and presentation skills as well as your English are up to the required standard. Our interview course helps you prepare well and increase your chance for getting the job.

For an airline crew position your appearance, manner, language proficiency, conflict management and problem solving skills, self-confidence etc. are crucial. You need to handle all the tasks, presentations, group exercises the selection committee devised to get rid of the unprepared flight attendant candidates.

If you are really ambitious about any position, you need to practise until perfection. Then you will have much more chance to get your dream job and become a flight attendant - at least more than the unprepared candidates will.

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In the lessons we go through both the general interview questions and the specific ones that relates to the cabin crew career and the airline industry.

We will practice impromptu speech where you need to talk about a given word or topic or answer unexpected questions without preparation time.

You are going to learn communication strategies and how to express yourself confidently with a friendly smile. You are going to learn to think about the interview from the airline industry's point of view.

If you want to improve your flight attendant interview skills, please check out our price, timetable, location, contact information and call our school to book your first lesson.

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Some airline industry and flight attendant specific issues

  • How to do well in group discussions where the topics are about the service industry
  • How to win debates while becoming popular and liked by the judges and fellow candidates
  • Talking about your work experience that relates to the airline job
  • Knowledge about airlines: Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Pacific, DragonAir.
  • What are the job duties of cabin crew members, pilots, co-pilots, engineers?
  • Do you know the difference between stewardess, steward, air hostess, air host and flight attendant?
  • How about Chief Purser, Inflight Service Manager, Cabin Service Manager. What do they do?
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