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Kindergarten admission interview practice

For one or both parents in English in Kowloon, Hong Kong

This kindergarten admissions interview training course is for you if you want to send your son or daughter to a competitive kindergarten, nursery or pre-school where there is an interview in English with the parents .

kindergarten admission interview

Prestigious schools from kindergarten to universities carefully select their students and you cannot afford to go to the interview unprepared and make a negative impression because your English, presentation skills, attitude or thinking does not match the expectations of the school.

Before you come to the first lesson of this kindergarten interview practice, please get well prepared about the selected school, nursery or kindergarten. Read about their mission, values, objectives, history and teachers.

Find out what activities they provide, what skills they intend to develop in your child and what teaching and educational methods they use.

Understand their requirements and expectations both about you as a parent or parents and your child. Think about how your family matches their needs and vice versa.

If you want to start your kindergarten interview preparation now and would like to reserve your lesson, please check out our tuition fee, timetable, address, read the Terms and Conditions and call our school.