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Resume (CV) and cover letter writing course

One-to-one CV writing workshop

If you want to get a job interview, you need write your CV / resume and the cover letter specifically designed to the job description and requirements of the recruiting company. Don't send the same standard Curriculum Vitae to each employer.

Human Resource managers and the manager of the hiring department know whether your application documents specifically created to their job advertisement or it is the standard one you sent to everybody.

In this C.V. / resume writing course you are going to learn how to understand your potential employer and their needs and expectations and how to package and tailor your specific message to reach the maximum probability that they ask you for the interview.

Of course, if you are not a good match to a particular job, you don't have a chance. But if you fit to the employer's requirements, don't lose this career opportunity with a poorly designed and written C.V.

resume writing

Get prepared

CV stands for curriculum vitae (Latin for "course of life"). It is the British English version. The American word is resume.

Bring your current resume / CV, the cover letter and the job ad with you for each lesson. You are going to learn how to think like an interviewer, how to understand what they want, how they process the applicants' resumes. I will suggest which part you should delete from your CV, what you should rewrite or shorten and what information is missing. You have just a few seconds(less than 10 sec.) to make an impact on the reader so you need to communicate very clearly and powerfully.

One typical mistake job applicants make is that they only think what they want. Rather, you should see yourself from the employer's point of view. So when you write things like "I want to broaden my horizon", just think who cares. The interviewer wants to know whether you can do and want to do the job very well and stay long at the company and whether you create value for the company or just want to get from them.

Yes, it is true that businesses often prefer to employ people who can learn and grow with the company, but do not overemphasise that to want to take this job just to learn. They want you to do this job and help them to make profit. Focus on emphasising on what you can offer instead of what you want to learn.

CV writing